Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Basics

Hello and welcome to my step by step guide, I hope you will enjoy reading this guide as mutch as I will enjoy making it, due to the fact that some equipment still is on order it's gone take a couple of days before this blog is updated so please be patient;).
Im in the prosess of making the guide and it will include a lot of how to's pictures, aquarium design plan and gravel, equipment, culturing, plant and fish setup.

Eventually the plan is to add another section with breeding of some of the rearer L-Species.

More is coming so stay tuned.

Basically what is needed?

First of all a calm and good spirit, a lot of patience in the beginning and then:

1. A relatively permanent place for the aquarium to avoid stressing the fish unnecessary and thus decrese the likelihood of decease, and leaks in the future since moving an aquarium with fish in may result in that among other things.

2. Aquarium (The bigger the better, a large tank contributes to a better and more stable water quality)

3. A plane, leveled, solid and stable table to support the weight of your aquarium (tank+water+gravel/sand+equipment etc.), if the aquarium is without a frame you wil need to have som kind of fine thick fabric that is large enough to cover the whole bottom area of the aquarium and is to be used as a surface area between the aquarium and the table (to avoid cracks in the future)

4. Filter/s, circulation pump if you need it, airpump/s and air stones, lightning armature, heating cable for aqurium use to be placed under the substrate, heater/s, temperature gauge, algae scraper, fish hoof.

5. Bacterial culture capsules (to plase in the filter) you can probably get some precultured dirt water from your local pet store to accellerate the prosess.

6. Gravel/sand, roots, flat stones, background/s, steps if you want and winegar based glue/sillicone for aquarium use, plant nutrition soil (Pellets for fine sand in this/my case) to be used under the sand/ gravel and a heating cable for aquarium use.

7. Plants (to be purcased after about 2-3 days with culturing of the filters and water unless you have some precultured dirt water and plant nutrition add on).

8. Fish (to be purcased after 2-4 weeks with culturing).